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My Dear Sullen Mistress

ah winter, my dear sullen mistress
with your gray moods and windy days
will you not look kindly on my face
and listen softly of thy grace
till all is well and you displace

Hydrogen and Oxygen

hydrogen and oxygen
joined by covalent bonds
disseminate in languid trails
embracing the wide sky
curling in vacuous rings
glowing amber and vermilion
against a blood red sun
until the arid waste
of winter’s breath…

The Bare Not Barren Trees

the bare not barren trees
wrestle with the whipping wind
and the bustle is brisk,  the cold sharp
as winters grey skies threaten rain

Blow Wind, Howl in the Morning Light

blow wind, howl in the morning light
race down and through and round
the bare and broken city streets.
cold and furious, frigid and wry,
you wrap your fingers fast round
staccato steps and quickened…

Last Breath of Winter

The scent of spring was on the air this morningBreathing deep a sigh after the rainWhite blossoms on the dogwood are breaking And the indigo tinge of magnolias Signal the last breath winter


you smile easilyso quick to be happyand the world gleamslike a marble in your eyes.


snow lies laden on the groundsalt ringing the treesmaking patterns on wet roadslonging for life and evidenceseeking resurrectionthree days like three monthsan eternity of waitingfor a promise of hopehis voice and my name–adapted from I…

Winter Is Indeed a Harsh Mistress

Well, I’m well and truly tired of driving now. I covered about 2000+ miles between Sat and Mon. The trip down to Dallas with Jon was pretty crazy, occasionally harrowing and for the most part…


On a mid winters eve
In a small country town
My thoughts drift and float
As my eyes fluttered down
And I listen while I sit
To the soft gentle sound
Of my fathers rich voice
While he’s reading out loud
From the…

Winter Dreams

The soft white winter approaches
And sings me a lullaby
The smooth sweet slumbering night
A deep and darkening sky
And dreams of future years to come
Remind of the years gone by
Changing seasons come to close
A new beginning drawing…

Soft Light, Like Snowflakes

Soft light, like snowflakes
Falling through the air
Arriving on your window
Sees your sleeping there

Soft light, like snowflakes
Bid thee sleep in peace
Drifting on like sweet dreams
While all thy troubles cease

Frigid Winter

Asleep beneath the frigid cover
Lies the fertile lover
Waiting for regeneration
Eager with anticipation
And wanting to extol
The hidden beauties of the soul

The Christmas Season

When skies are gray and evening falls
And all around you winter calls
Its time to rest and to retreat
From the pace of the city street

Take to your houses one and all
Gather round with children small
And share…

Mistress Winter

The winter comes in soft white dresses
To clothe the world in frigid tresses
She tempts us with her snowy kisses
And wraps us up in sweet caresses


The soft pure white snowflakes
Of endless variety
Fall from the darkening skies
In solemn sobriety

And i pause in wonder

My heart is bespoken
With calm anticipation
Of the glistening token