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The Call

in the mountains of the winter wind
where the white wolves run
and bit frost covers the rocky crag
you can hear the distant drum

its the call, my brother
calling for the brave…

Free Verse
My Brother

go my brother,
where the wind blows to dance on the prairie steppes
and feel the wind whip across the frosted tundra

see my brother,
the jungle steam rise through the terraced trees

Free Verse

she teases mesoft breath, moist, like a kiss on your cheekand the wind blows, so sweet in the morningand she says she’s sorry for taking so longthat she’ll be back soonand i believe herbecause i’m…

The Winds of Autumn

The winds of autumn press upon the boughs of yonder tree
And all around me midst the yard lies fading greenery
Leaves fall from the laden branches, colors bright and fair
To lie and sleep whilst winter comes…