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Listen to the Quiet Creep

pause, listen to the quiet creep
over the still and silent city streets
hear the heavy hush fall
on a worn and weary populace
— 2/18/10 – 86

Barber Shop Theater

the room was filled with theater
the rise and rhythmic fall of voices
echoing words and wise opinions
on life’s vicissitudes and choices
— Barber Shop – 2/6/10 – 74 #favorite

An Affront to the Morning

his voluble presence
was an affront to the morning
an unwelcome breaking
to the gentle rumbling
of the gentle murmur
of the train
— 1/25/10 – 59 #favorite

You Make the City Vague

you make the city vague
with your wispy shroud
the soft outlines fading
into the grey backdrop
while disembodied lights
dance in the distance.
— 1/16/10 – 49

Morning Commute

the fog lay lightly on the near distant landscape
the mist a quiet shroud upon the waking city
blank and stoic faces shuffled on the moving train
a crowd of familiar strangers my silent company…


the unerring voice wavered mechanically
announcing points of interest
to the figures on the wind swept platform
standing stodgily in the rain
— 12/16/09 – 14


he played music on a street corner
not yet full of the seasons bustle
the rise and fall of mournful notes
a landscape painted in Christmas hues

his red stocking cap sat a jaunty…

Blow Wind, Howl in the Morning Light

blow wind, howl in the morning light
race down and through and round
the bare and broken city streets.
cold and furious, frigid and wry,
you wrap your fingers fast round
staccato steps and quickened…

Soft Light at the Start of Day

soft light at the start of day
cold and gray, vapor strewn,
it dawned timid and reluctant,
falling light landing lightly
on the variegated cityscape.
— 12/7/09 – 5


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