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Little Village Boy, Morungatun, Uganda

Children evoke emotion more poignantly than most of God’s creation. I think it is the relative innocence of youth, the wide eyed wonder, and their helplessness that makes their surroundings more important.

Girl Carrying Boy, Soroti, Uganda

Taking photos of the children in Uganda means being crowded by hundreds of little ones. They jostle and push for their turn in front of the camera. This little girl seemed suspicious, but posed for…

Quiet Girl, Soroti, Uganda

While walking around the Kissinjugi market there in Soroti with Dr. Guimon, we passed this littel girl sittin under the awning of a small building. I shot the photo from the hip. It feels like…

Expectant Girl, Soroti, Uganda

On one Saturday afternoon, Dr. Guimon took us to a small market in the neighborhood near where they live. We walked around, passed out tracts, and greeted folks. I took this little girls photo as…

The Baby and Beth

My Pastors wife loves children, and some of the little ones we met were very cute. This one seemed just as pleased to meet Beth and she was to meet him.

Ugandan Woman, Morungatun, Uganda

Of all the photos I took on my trip, this is one of five I liked the best. The look of sincere gratitude on the woman’s face is humbling. There seems to be no guile,…

Little Village Boy, Soroti, Uganda

In the neighborhood near where Dr. Guimon lives, there is a little market place. On the second Sunday we were there, we went to hand out tracts. A camera is wonderful thing, especially one that…

Two Village Girls, Otubet, Uganda

At Otubet Dr. Guimon preached. We started later because we had been to Morungatun earlier that day. Otubet is a trading post for a village that is spread out somewhat in the bush, which is…

Fine Featured Girl, Otubet, Uganda

The little girl is from a village that was decimated by Kony several months back. She was the most beautiful creature, with such fine features. The very picture of elegance.

Village Boys, Morungatun, Uganda

Morungatun is an IDP camp located about 30 kilometers North-West of Soroti. On our first Sunday (5/22), we drove out to the camp and Pastor preached. Conditions there were poor, but better off than in…