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Evening Story

beneath a stretching violet sky
the setting sun brings evening nigh
the clouds burnt orange in crimson fashion
set fire the heavens and the passion
inside me as i awestruck behold
the flaming majesty pictured…


your deep redness is a balm
to soothe sore eyes
vermilion and scarlet hues
dance with wild abandon
in the recesses while crimson light
splay across this painted canvas
until your majestic being
sinks beneath…

Hydrogen and Oxygen

hydrogen and oxygen
joined by covalent bonds
disseminate in languid trails
embracing the wide sky
curling in vacuous rings
glowing amber and vermilion
against a blood red sun
until the arid waste
of winter’s breath…

Country Sunset (4 of 4)

This is the last of this series. The image works better wider. And, I think works better with the contrast between the warm and cool colors, the orange and red clouds in front of a…

Country Sunset (3 of 4)

This photo is a cropped version, and done without HDR. I wanted to see how it would differ. Its a small variation.

Its interesting that the cloud in the middle of the photo stands…


USNO Astronomical Applications Department Calculators and tables for sunrise and sunset, phases of the moon, celestial objects, and other sorts of astronomical data. Useful for knowing when the best time to photograph is.


Look East to the sunrise, into the nascent glowing
And westward the sunset, to anticipate the gloaming
Sunrise, sunset, the marking of the days
Time rides on a ball of fire and marches on its rays


Orbit 1 // Sunset in the Snow That’s my title, as he didn’t title the photograph. Fantastic capture. Brings back all my childhood memories of waking up really early to see the sunset while on…

Give the Moon My Love

Give the moon my love, dear heart
For daylight fades in yonder sea
The amber glow of evenings light
Speaks softly of my bed to me

and then revised by another as…

Daylight fades in yonder sea
The amber glow of…

Goodnight to Thee

Goodnight to thee
So said the sun to the fair good morning
As the evening drifted on
And nightingales sang slumber sweetly
The sunny days are gone

Sleep fair fine friend
So said the gloaming to the east wood wind
And see…