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A Drizzle of Rain

the drizzle of rain was heard
outside my bedroom window
soft water falling softly on the world
heralding life and spring to follow
— 2/21/10 – 89

First Breath of Spring

the balmy touch of your wispy fingers
leaves the surface of my skin cold
but my heart beats warm for thought
of fog and a city shrouded and old

the first breath of spring…

Dogwood Blooming

dawn on a spring morningsky blue and nascent greendogwoods white with flowers blooming in white light clearly seen.

Last Breath of Winter

The scent of spring was on the air this morningBreathing deep a sigh after the rainWhite blossoms on the dogwood are breaking And the indigo tinge of magnolias Signal the last breath winter


you smile easilyso quick to be happyand the world gleamslike a marble in your eyes.

The Scent of Spring

the scent of spring was on the air this morningbreathing deep a sigh after the rainwhite blossoms on the dogwood are breakingand the indigo tinge of magnoliassignal the last breath of winter


snow lies laden on the groundsalt ringing the treesmaking patterns on wet roadslonging for life and evidenceseeking resurrectionthree days like three monthsan eternity of waitingfor a promise of hopehis voice and my name–adapted from I…


lilacs and daffodils,on a grassy dell,in the mid day sun.on a day in spring,when the weathers cool,to sit and dwell,on the nearness of you.


she teases mesoft breath, moist, like a kiss on your cheekand the wind blows, so sweet in the morningand she says she’s sorry for taking so longthat she’ll be back soonand i believe herbecause i’m…