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MUTE – Photoblog – Beaches Island I’m a big fan of the vignetting effect, and I like to color of blue he uses.

The Sea

Undulating, with white capped teeth
Pulsing, it wraps around the world,
And rages at times above, though silent underneath

With swell and swagger it holds its sway
And moves the brave who plumb its depths
A friend, an enemy,…


20,000 Microbes Under the Sea – – science news articles online technology magazine articles 20,000 Microbes Under the Sea The thing I learn from reading these science articles is that for all that we know,…

Aurora’s Light

Before the light strikes the rocky shore
And myst rolls up from the shadowy moor
My heart beats, a pounding beneath my chest
I pause as I look out on the foamy crest
And I listen to the sea…

The Seafarer

I stood beside the deep blue sea
and heard the errant sea gull cry
It was then my heart did sigh
and yearn for foreign lands afar

I watched as clouds hung over head
Crowding close to darkening sky
It was…