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Getting To Know You

the rush and press of kind strangers
fill the hours with questions, and practiced replies.
getting to know the world in which you live
and all its inhabitants is a pleasure
i would not let…

The Warmth of Your Touch

the warmth of your touch
is a thrill to set my heart beating
the feel of your fingertips
is a world to encapsulate
my hopes and dreams
— 4/1/10 – 132 #poetry #love

How Do I Resolve

how do i resolve
the creeping tension,
the knot of pain,
the sweet agony
residing in my heart?
i can feel its emotion
welling in my throat
the fear and hope
and beginning throes

Starlight, Smile Bright

starlight, smile bright
the girl i love is mine tonight
i wish i may, i wish i might
have her to hold til morning light
— 3/6/10 – 102

Star from Heaven

i took a star from heaven
i plucked it from it’s celestial field
and carried it in my pocket
from land to foreign land
til i found a shining angel
worthy of its gleaming light…

I Would Spirit Away the Hours

i would spirit away the hours
and spend my time with nary a thought
to cost or consequence.
we would speak of common things
and i would not trade it
for all the uncommon


my lady, the golden radiance of a thousand rising suns can not eclipse the beauty i see in thy lovely face.
— (snippet)

Your Voice Warms Me

your voice warms me
with its lingering joy
like a warm wine
or heady potion
and it leaves me
happier than i was
the day before we met
— 2/28/10 – 96 #ruth

Bittersweet the Long Goodbye

bittersweet the long goodbye
the languid fare thee well
hold on tight to fading love
and let its beauty swell
till love is lost and gone forever
from your hearts empty shell
— 2/17/10 -…

Your Gaiety is a Balm

your gaiety is a balm to a weary soul
your laughter a sweet surcease
to the turmoil made strong
by heartbreak and care
unrequited, unfulfilled
until you bloomed in my life
— 1/29/10 – 65

Whither Goest Thou Little Bird?

whither goest thou little bird?
for whom dost thou sing?
what love hast compelled thee
this melody to bring?
art thou sent by some lover
his beloved to woo?
by thy sweet serenade
his desire…

My Brother

go my brother,
where the wind blows to dance on the prairie steppes
and feel the wind whip across the frosted tundra

see my brother,
the jungle steam rise through the terraced trees

I Still Miss You

i still miss you.
memories held tightly
are a bit of a surprise.
i’m glad in a way,
the pain forms an impression
like the hollow of a mold.
the memory is better
than the…

Calico, and My Fondest Dreams

you were my rest and i ached to rest
weary shoulders, and a deep deep breath.
i’d think of you, and i’d see flowers,
calico, and my fondest dreams.
we were so close to perfect,…


lilacs and daffodils,on a grassy dell,in the mid day sun.on a day in spring,when the weathers cool,to sit and dwell,on the nearness of you.

The Proposal

Thus falls the evening dust
To sparkle in the starlight
Enchantment fills the very air
Bound up in every dendrite

Excitement racing through my flesh
An arcane type of passion
Deep within my soul…

Sorrow Soothed

I saw the beaded pearl form
On her melancholy face
The drawn lines and trembling lip
Poised with aching grace

For a moment drawn with breath
She held her shaky pose
Emotion welling in her breast
Filled with grief and sorrows

I felt…

Special Girl

Sounds of laughter fill the air
And I know her tender care
Are precious to the ones who know
The special girl to whom I owe
This blessed eventide

Late Night Conversation

Who is that friend I seek at night
With long blond hair and eyes so bright
With whom I wish to chase this hour
Till sunshine lay upon the flower
By the window sil

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