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New York, New York

new york, new york, oh city teaming
with life and lands and cultures dreaming
of new horizons opened wide
like lady liberty and the morning tide
— 2003 (possibly march)

Falling Meter and Rhyme

fluid and grace express poetry in motion
while the musics dance to a rolling rhythm
and your voices rise to meet the emotion
expressed in the falling meter and rhyme
— 1/26/10 – 61 #favorite…

First Breath of Spring

the balmy touch of your wispy fingers
leaves the surface of my skin cold
but my heart beats warm for thought
of fog and a city shrouded and old

the first breath of spring…


my mind is blank, a hollow tomb
a space empty of the ideas of poetry
and whence comes the creative spark
which occupies and breathes so vibrantly

my empty soul yearns for its touch…


i’ve missed the normalcy of home
a place of no pretense or question
and as the cold rain falls outside
i sit content, empty of frustration
–12/24/09 – 24

Ode to Christmas

voices swelling
together dwelling
emotion singing
with devotion bringing
the chorus ringing
their praises giving

for what was done
that Christmas day
forever changed
the way we pray
–12/20/09 – 19