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Free Verse
Prayer in Distress

heal me father, for i suffer
i am in sore distress
lay your cooling touch
upon my troubled brow
bestow peace unsurpassing
upon the turmoil of my heart
— 4/10/10 – 143

Free Verse

Prone to doubting, Father of power
I lack the faith to trust Thy word
To take the step that means redemption
Accepting love, You as my Lord

Prone to fearing, Father almighty
I lack the courage I need today
To live…

A Prayer Request.

Megan and Allen are good friends of mine. Megan’s mother is currently fighting leukemia, and the prognosis doesn’t look good. We would all appreciate your prayers for Mrs. Bounds and the family.

An Evening Prayer

Peaceful dreams and thoughtful streams of lilting water pure
Drifting oer the soft green moor in sweetest songs of yore
Wishing best and healing rest to thee of friendship fast
To wake the day with voices gay upon…