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5146 – a lay(wo)man behind a lens The artists self portrait.


c h r o m a s i a // photoblog // portrait week #1 His daughter, looking slightly elvish and a little bit freaky.


Bending Light Magazine – Issue No. 2 – Angst “The only way to overcome any fear is to confront it, as the thing that provokes the anxiety is often also its cure. If the only…

Anna Mae Thompson, Findley, IL

My grandmother on my mom’s side comes from the Read family line, and like her father and many generations before her, she loves to tell stories.

She also loves to read, and spend much…

Wall Family Portrait 2005

Every year at thanksgiving, I try to take the family portrait. Its harder than you might think. Each year I end up having to photoshop heavily to get an image that is pretty decent. So…

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