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potential paths reveal themselves
glittering in the summer sun
converging prospects to be taken
or denied till at last a culmination
and just one path before you lies
— 3/31/10 – 130 #poetry

On Fear and Identity

I’ve been a Christian since 1984, growing up in a loving home with two amazing parents. For as long as I could remember God was as real to me as the sun and the moon. That changed six years ago, when I went through a crisis of faith followed by a series of severe anxiety attacks. Those anxiety attacks taught me some valuable lessons and I wanted to take some time to talk about what happened, to explain some of what I learned about fear, about identity and purpose and how God intends for us to live in relationship with Him

Life Is Like a Sinus Rhythm

life is like a sinus rhythm
its ups and downs
beat in, beat out
the problem is the frequency
too fast, too slow
we complain, we exult
but what we really want
is proper length…


Ten Things I Have Learned Milton Glaser makes several very insightful observations.

It Is Not Certain That All Is Uncertain

Lately I’ve had a lot to say. Quite paradoxically, this means I’ve spoken less. Words, like many things in life, need context to have meaning. That context doesn’t end with its typographic neighbors, but extends…


Social scientists adopt one of four main ontological approaches: realism (the idea that facts are out there just waiting to be discovered), empiricism (the idea that we can observe the world and evaluate those observations…


The Language of Thought Hypothesis Also regarding how language and thought are related.


Mental Imagery The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article on Mental Imagery, which I would like to read later