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Manipulexity and Whipituptitude

As Adam Turoff explained once, Perl has two subtle advantages: manipulexity and whipituptitude. It’s very important to be able to solve the problem at hand simply and easily without languages and tools and syntax getting…

Perl DBI 1.50 bug in Weaken Support Check

A friends Ikonboard failed recently with an error saying:Ikonboard has exited with the following error:Modification of a read-only value attemptedThe problem ended up being caused by a change in the module from 1.49 to…

Bricklayer Is a Perl Application Framework

Bricklayer is a little bit like .net, java with netbeans, and all the other technologies that allows for strict seperation of presentation, business, and application logic. Bricklayer is built with PERL, and in some ways…