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Kara and Corbin, Dublin, Ireland

Kara and Corbin are from Saint Louis and were on the same flights all the way there. We finally introduced ourselves in Manchester and chatted in Dublin on the bus. We didn’t see them again…

Town Crier, Galway, Ireland

This girl worked for one of the shops in this section of shops just off Eyre Square in Galway. She would walk around with the sign on, smoking, wrapped in this huge scarf and wearing dreads. 

Pectus Update: I Hate Sleeping On My Back

I’m lacking in photo’s to post, due in large part to a serious lack of time during good photographing hours to take pictures because I’m busy getting ready to leave the country, taking care of…

Dr. Guimon Needs Your Prayers

For those of you who know Dr. Guimon and aren’t aware of the current situation, I thought a brief post here might help to spread the word that he needs prayer.Several weeks ago he had…

Noelle in Mock Surprise

I swear, she’s a card. The funny thing is, she isn’t imitating, she knows what she’s doing. Most enchanting little girl, and my niece. ;) 

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