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Free Verse
Prayer in Distress

heal me father, for i suffer
i am in sore distress
lay your cooling touch
upon my troubled brow
bestow peace unsurpassing
upon the turmoil of my heart
— 4/10/10 – 143

Free Verse
Pour Out Your Soul, My Brother

pour out your soul, my brother
and let the rich effusive emotion
spread out upon the sacrificial stone.
embrace the whirlwind, my brother
the shifting maelstrom of change
until completed you emerge
the man you…

Free Verse

your words cut deep
into the living soul
til the heart is rent
and the truth is full
— 3/9/10 – 105

Free Verse
My Son, My Son

my son, my son
i know the road you take
the fragile path, the long sojourn
the weary ache and pang of loneliness
the despair you sometimes feel
when you sink beneath waves
of fear…

Free Verse
Hard (i) (an edit)

someone said the test of love
is making hard decisions–
choosing, for another’s sake,
the necessary actions;
taking the proper path
though strewn with rocks,
watered with tears, and
fraught with pain.
for love chooses…

Free Verse
Selfish Pain

i found myself thinking today
perhaps i finally understand
how sin hurts. maybe this time
i wont forget, letting go of reason,
taking a plunge and giving up,
wasting love and precious blood
on selfish pain.

Wounded No More

My heart lies wounded, ever broken, wanting to be free
Yet not greatly, do I seek it, trying fearfully
Not so! Cried He, with fervor strong, to you soundness of mind
Tis yours to claim,…