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Free Verse
Evening Story

beneath a stretching violet sky
the setting sun brings evening nigh
the clouds burnt orange in crimson fashion
set fire the heavens and the passion
inside me as i awestruck behold
the flaming majesty pictured…

Free Verse
Its a Golden Hour

its a golden hour, a flitting flower
and it blooms in the morning light
then takes off on a merry flight
til landing softly on the heather
it makes a song of the fine fine…

Free Verse

taciturn eyes look across windswept plains
as pale light falls on jagged hill and steppe
the last rays of a setting sun sink deep
into warm earth and leathered skin
— 2/23/10 – 91 -…

Free Verse
A Drizzle of Rain

the drizzle of rain was heard
outside my bedroom window
soft water falling softly on the world
heralding life and spring to follow
— 2/21/10 – 89

Free Verse
A Pale Sky

a pale sky looms above your head
cold winds blow against your face
the silence of dreams echo loudly
and doubt beats against your will
yet you stand with your feet set
and defiant you…

Free Verse
Prose Piece: Sun Setting

soft sunset light falling golden, a tree lined horizon dappled in colors pink, red and orange, till fading the sun falls beneath the distant curve of the earth and all is cloaked in gloaming.

Free Verse
My Dear Sullen Mistress

ah winter, my dear sullen mistress
with your gray moods and windy days
will you not look kindly on my face
and listen softly of thy grace
till all is well and you displace

The Call

in the mountains of the winter wind
where the white wolves run
and bit frost covers the rocky crag
you can hear the distant drum

its the call, my brother
calling for the brave…

Free Verse
My Brother

go my brother,
where the wind blows to dance on the prairie steppes
and feel the wind whip across the frosted tundra

see my brother,
the jungle steam rise through the terraced trees

In the Meadow by the Bay

what flies against the distant lee
in the meadow by the bay
who waits beyond the great oak tree
with hair like fire and eyes dark grey

smell the evening fresh like clover

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