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Free Verse
Morning Commute

the fog lay lightly on the near distant landscape
the mist a quiet shroud upon the waking city
blank and stoic faces shuffled on the moving train
a crowd of familiar strangers my silent company…


I remember waking up, and in the morning hours
Walking to my mothers room, to see her still in bed
Her bible propped up on one knee, her head was bowed in prayer
Seeking God to start the…


In the early morning sunrise
Glories seep across the sky
Brilliant burning raging color
Set alight the clouds so high

Slowly dawn makes known her presence
Light azure in lonely streaks
Branching out from lofty heaven
Chasing stars by mountain peaks

See the…

Once Upon a Morning Sunrise

Once upon a morning sunrise
I saw a fairy princess
The sight was like a fair vision
And then I heard the sweet heart cries
Of a gorgeous symphony

The music played on my heart strings
Both full of joy and…

The Rising Sun

See the rising sun today
peaking oer yon horizon
I ran towards it eagerly
to say hello and greet him

All around me myst did lie
Above the trees did hover
Hiding many treasured things
Beneath the soft gray cover

Then the sun…