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Free Verse
Long Distance Lovers

wist and fitful longing flourish
in the hearts of isolated lovers
for the long and lonely distance
borne by fate and fickle purpose
— 4/6/10 – 137 #favorite

Free Verse
Getting To Know You

the rush and press of kind strangers
fill the hours with questions, and practiced replies.
getting to know the world in which you live
and all its inhabitants is a pleasure
i would not let…

Free Verse

i missed your love
its sweet surcease
and the richness
of its healing grace
— Abba – 4/2/10 – 133

Free Verse
The Warmth of Your Touch

the warmth of your touch
is a thrill to set my heart beating
the feel of your fingertips
is a world to encapsulate
my hopes and dreams
— 4/1/10 – 132 #poetry #love

Free Verse
How Do I Resolve

how do i resolve
the creeping tension,
the knot of pain,
the sweet agony
residing in my heart?
i can feel its emotion
welling in my throat
the fear and hope
and beginning throes

Free Verse

your lips are apple sweet,
rich and red and curved
your locks like golden strands,
catch the sun at midday
and your smile is a vision
to produce rapture in the soul
of all who…

Free Verse
Your Voice Warms Me

your voice warms me
with its lingering joy
like a warm wine
or heady potion
and it leaves me
happier than i was
the day before we met
— 2/28/10 – 96 #ruth

Free Verse
Your Gaiety is a Balm

your gaiety is a balm to a weary soul
your laughter a sweet surcease
to the turmoil made strong
by heartbreak and care
unrequited, unfulfilled
until you bloomed in my life
— 1/29/10 – 65


by our confession / his indwelling made perfect / our hearts for love

— loosely from 1 John 4:15-19

Free Verse
Hard (i) (an edit)

someone said the test of love
is making hard decisions–
choosing, for another’s sake,
the necessary actions;
taking the proper path
though strewn with rocks,
watered with tears, and
fraught with pain.
for love chooses…

Free Verse
New Love

i felt the swift and sudden dropso eager, engaged, and desiringbut also the slow and sober thoughtthat she matters more to me than self-4/7/08


I am cut to the quick, I am stricken,Undeserving of the mercy that You have givenHow can I make for my life a demandWhen all that I am is Yours to commandI grasp in my…

Free Verse
For Love

My God, my God, He criedAs He suffered alone, dyingOn a cross, a broken treeEli, Eli, lama sabachthaniForsaken, for love, for me

Free Verse
Who Are You Lord?

who are You Lord,to pursue me with Your love?who made the wind and the rain?who made the mountains danceand the very earth tremble.who are You Lord,to invest Yourself in me?I who merit naught but judgment?I…

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