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i missed your love
its sweet surcease
and the richness
of its healing grace
— Abba – 4/2/10 – 133


you manifest gently
a persistent evidence
in the character of life
a pervading presence
in the fabric of this
existential existence
— 2/14/10 – 82

This Absence Thine

forthwith i call to the mighty throne
reveal in me the spirit divine
for my heart emits a plaintive groan
and suffers from this absence thine
— 1/6/10 – 38

Abba, Abba

abba, abba,
you who are in heaven
a god magnificent and glorious
ethereal and heart stoppingly real
yet you nurture me and nourish me
though you hold the earth in your hands
hands powerful and…

The Inexplicable Act of God

I’ve had Grace on my mind. Its Jonathan’s fault really. He got me talking about Les Miserables, and that started me thinking about the rich imagery portrayed in the play, how Jean Valjean and Javier…


104. Ballad for Gloom. Ezra Pound. Modern American Poetry “For God, our God is a gallant foe that playeth behind the veil. Whom God deigns not to overthrow hath need of triple mail.”

God as a Person, not a Concept

Through the course of living and relating to God, God teaches you things. Lately, He has been teaching me about Himself, teaching me to view Him as a Person not a Concept. In the course…

When God calls us Sons and Daughters

The thing about family is, its relationships are neither temporal nor conditional. If you are the son of your father, you will always be your father’s son. Unlike friendship, citizenship, and work relationships, all of…

God’s Sure Hand

Observe the hand of God my child
How firm it is beneath thy feet
His hand so strong and steadfast sure
Imparting peace that is so sweet

Observe the hand of God my child
How gently holds He thy tender…