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Free Verse
Prayer in Distress

heal me father, for i suffer
i am in sore distress
lay your cooling touch
upon my troubled brow
bestow peace unsurpassing
upon the turmoil of my heart
— 4/10/10 – 143

Free Verse
Pour Out Your Soul, My Brother

pour out your soul, my brother
and let the rich effusive emotion
spread out upon the sacrificial stone.
embrace the whirlwind, my brother
the shifting maelstrom of change
until completed you emerge
the man you…

Free Verse
Long Distance Lovers

wist and fitful longing flourish
in the hearts of isolated lovers
for the long and lonely distance
borne by fate and fickle purpose
— 4/6/10 – 137 #favorite

Free Verse
How Do I Resolve

how do i resolve
the creeping tension,
the knot of pain,
the sweet agony
residing in my heart?
i can feel its emotion
welling in my throat
the fear and hope
and beginning throes

Free Verse

your golden brilliance
floods the sky with light
a cacophony of photonic hues
and the warmth that they convey
is a balm to the aching soul
that yearns for spring
— 3/18/10 – 115

Free Verse
Heartbeats and Breathing

heartbeats and breathing
with ears ringing in the quiet
a soul searching the deep
for a morsel of meaning
till some beauty is found
and the heart becomes calm
while you drift into dreaming

Free Verse

feel the beat,
rapid, insistent
your heart pounding
as you run

feel the burn,
heady and rich
of consuming oxygen
inside your lungs
— 3/13/10 – 109

Free Verse
Why the Disquiet Soul?

why the disquiet soul my brother,
what is the source of your sullen unease?
why do you yearn and groan my brother,
what will bring you comfort and peace?
— 3/12/10 – 108

Free Verse

your lips are apple sweet,
rich and red and curved
your locks like golden strands,
catch the sun at midday
and your smile is a vision
to produce rapture in the soul
of all who…

Free Verse

your words cut deep
into the living soul
til the heart is rent
and the truth is full
— 3/9/10 – 105

Free Verse
The Pulse

it had me in its thrall
enraptured with the rhythm
the pulse of music deep inside
was an agony so sweet
i could never let it go
— 3/8/10 – 104

Free Verse

the heavy blanket of somnolence
fell upon me with the warmth of an old friend
and in its comforting embrace
i lost myself in oblivion.
— 3/7/10 – 103

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