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The Comfort of Home

the comfort of home
was a strange absence
felt and wished for quietly
knowing there were miles and miles
till my feet found rest
— 4/5/10 – 136

Comfort Was an Absence

the comfort of home
was a strange absence
felt and wished for quietly
knowing there were many miles
till my feet found rest
— 4/5/10 – 136

Getting To Know You

the rush and press of kind strangers
fill the hours with questions, and practiced replies.
getting to know the world in which you live
and all its inhabitants is a pleasure
i would not let…


i missed your love
its sweet surcease
and the richness
of its healing grace
— Abba – 4/2/10 – 133

The Warmth of Your Touch

the warmth of your touch
is a thrill to set my heart beating
the feel of your fingertips
is a world to encapsulate
my hopes and dreams
— 4/1/10 – 132 #poetry #love


potential paths reveal themselves
glittering in the summer sun
converging prospects to be taken
or denied till at last a culmination
and just one path before you lies
— 3/31/10 – 130 #poetry

My Heart Beats a Palpable Breath

my heart beats a palpable breath
a sinking drop, an oxygen starved gasp
for air, the pressure a sweet agony
of tightness expanding in the
effusive cavity of the soul
— 3/31/10 – 131 #favorite


it was innervating
the rush, the blood pumping
a mind sharp and focused
you don’t feel the pain
just the heat radiating
off your chest
— 3/26/10 – 125


animate ideas
living, breathing, pulsing
charged and causing change
dynamic particles cascading
into people and places
— 3/25/10 – 124


what is this blood, why does it weep?
cold tears falling on a hard ground
and grief echoing the hollow sound
til life forms from a shed tear
and weeping drains your crushing fear

You Titillate With Your Words

you titillate with your words
graphic images conjuring
exotic lands foreign and benign
and simple things revealed
by choice morsels picked
with careful and judicious precision.
— 1/21/10 – 55


i am full of competing desires.
hopes, dreams, and knowledge of past failures,
they echo in the chambers of my mind
ponderous, pondering, weighing, wondering.
— 12/12/09 – 9

Aural Shapes

feel the aural shapes,
soft and feathery light,
sometimes sharp or hard like steel
granite forms expressed on your tongue
tasted like things grown from the earth.
felt on your skin and in your spine,…

Sleep Is Your Friend

fatigue wraps itself around you
like a thick blanket,
heavy on your shoulders
its muffled voice whispers
sleep is your friend.
— 12/10/09 – 7

Blow Wind, Howl in the Morning Light

blow wind, howl in the morning light
race down and through and round
the bare and broken city streets.
cold and furious, frigid and wry,
you wrap your fingers fast round
staccato steps and quickened…

My Son, My Son

my son, my son
i know the road you take
the fragile path, the long sojourn
the weary ache and pang of loneliness
the despair you sometimes feel
when you sink beneath waves
of fear…

Hard (i) (an edit)

someone said the test of love
is making hard decisions–
choosing, for another’s sake,
the necessary actions;
taking the proper path
though strewn with rocks,
watered with tears, and
fraught with pain.
for love chooses…

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