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Meditations on Psalm 1

Psalm 1 has much to offer in the way of perspective on living, and how to be successful.  For the Christian, it distills the basic ethos of our philosophy, to know Him and by knowing…

On Fear and Identity

I’ve been a Christian since 1984, growing up in a loving home with two amazing parents. For as long as I could remember God was as real to me as the sun and the moon. That changed six years ago, when I went through a crisis of faith followed by a series of severe anxiety attacks. Those anxiety attacks taught me some valuable lessons and I wanted to take some time to talk about what happened, to explain some of what I learned about fear, about identity and purpose and how God intends for us to live in relationship with Him

God as a Person, not a Concept

Through the course of living and relating to God, God teaches you things. Lately, He has been teaching me about Himself, teaching me to view Him as a Person not a Concept. In the course…

Lessons in Spiritual Warfare

Strategy #1 – Avoidance
Don’t let your mind think about it. The moment it pops in your head, frantically think of something else… anything else. I call this avoidance… and cite Phil. 4:8-9 as scriptural…

On Being Filled With The Spirit

Have you ever been in love? You know the feeling, the one that grows richer the longer you know the person. How many of you have someone you love very much? Have you ever loved…