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My Heart Beats a Palpable Breath

my heart beats a palpable breath
a sinking drop, an oxygen starved gasp
for air, the pressure a sweet agony
of tightness expanding in the
effusive cavity of the soul
— 3/31/10 – 131 #favorite

Heartbeats and Breathing

heartbeats and breathing
with ears ringing in the quiet
a soul searching the deep
for a morsel of meaning
till some beauty is found
and the heart becomes calm
while you drift into dreaming

I Would Spirit Away the Hours

i would spirit away the hours
and spend my time with nary a thought
to cost or consequence.
we would speak of common things
and i would not trade it
for all the uncommon

Its a Golden Hour

its a golden hour, a flitting flower
and it blooms in the morning light
then takes off on a merry flight
til landing softly on the heather
it makes a song of the fine fine…

Your Dark Corridors

your dark corridors are pregnant with silence
footsteps sounding, echoing in your chambers
foreigners and transients shuffling soundlessly
a staggered measure of humanities members
— 2/2/10 – 70 #favorite

Fey Spirit

who are you?
with your fey spirit
tossing about whimsy
with reckless abandon.
why do you dance?
unbridled and passionate
your infectious grin
a viral vector
spreading mirth
and convivial gaiety
reveal yourself
oh laughing…


your deep redness is a balm
to soothe sore eyes
vermilion and scarlet hues
dance with wild abandon
in the recesses while crimson light
splay across this painted canvas
until your majestic being
sinks beneath…

Hydrogen and Oxygen

hydrogen and oxygen
joined by covalent bonds
disseminate in languid trails
embracing the wide sky
curling in vacuous rings
glowing amber and vermilion
against a blood red sun
until the arid waste
of winter’s breath…

I Still Miss You

i still miss you.
memories held tightly
are a bit of a surprise.
i’m glad in a way,
the pain forms an impression
like the hollow of a mold.
the memory is better
than the…

Morning Commute

the fog lay lightly on the near distant landscape
the mist a quiet shroud upon the waking city
blank and stoic faces shuffled on the moving train
a crowd of familiar strangers my silent company…

Life Is Like a Sinus Rhythm

life is like a sinus rhythm
its ups and downs
beat in, beat out
the problem is the frequency
too fast, too slow
we complain, we exult
but what we really want
is proper length…

Frayed Seams

frayed seams and splotchy grass.
bits and pieces left undone
glossed over with memories
like sandcastle constructs
the story of our life
told to self for self’s sake.
— 12/21/09 – 20 #favorite

Calico, and My Fondest Dreams

you were my rest and i ached to rest
weary shoulders, and a deep deep breath.
i’d think of you, and i’d see flowers,
calico, and my fondest dreams.
we were so close to perfect,…

Aural Shapes

feel the aural shapes,
soft and feathery light,
sometimes sharp or hard like steel
granite forms expressed on your tongue
tasted like things grown from the earth.
felt on your skin and in your spine,…

Blow Wind, Howl in the Morning Light

blow wind, howl in the morning light
race down and through and round
the bare and broken city streets.
cold and furious, frigid and wry,
you wrap your fingers fast round
staccato steps and quickened…

My Son, My Son

my son, my son
i know the road you take
the fragile path, the long sojourn
the weary ache and pang of loneliness
the despair you sometimes feel
when you sink beneath waves
of fear…

Soft Light at the Start of Day

soft light at the start of day
cold and gray, vapor strewn,
it dawned timid and reluctant,
falling light landing lightly
on the variegated cityscape.
— 12/7/09 – 5

Foghorn Leghorn

dissociative phrases slip in and out
foggy dew, fog lifted, foghorn, leghorn. ;)
creative buzz,
cackling energy welling
glad to be free.
free of the fog. there it is again,
chase the pent up rush.…

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