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Meditations on Psalm 1

Psalm 1 has much to offer in the way of perspective on living, and how to be successful.  For the Christian, it distills the basic ethos of our philosophy, to know Him and by knowing…

On Faith

It isn’t enough to ask God to do a thing, like restore your soul or reframe your heart or desire, or to help you do a thing He has asked you to do. Part of…


I am cut to the quick, I am stricken,Undeserving of the mercy that You have givenHow can I make for my life a demandWhen all that I am is Yours to commandI grasp in my…

Who Are You Lord?

who are You Lord,to pursue me with Your love?who made the wind and the rain?who made the mountains danceand the very earth tremble.who are You Lord,to invest Yourself in me?I who merit naught but judgment?I…

The Depth of Mercy and the Breadth

How does one express,
the depth of mercy and the breadth
and width of His great love?

For I have descended
to such great heights
of proud and selfish gain.
And the weight of sin is
a dark and lonely pain.

Yet Christ…


How far I’ve come (The Wilful Sunflower) Trust isn’t something that you can instantly demand of yourself; it’s something that tends to grow in you over time, especially when you become comfortable with the person…


Theologia :: Miscellaneous :: “Jesus Is Lord”: A Practical Suggestion for Struggling with Sin I knew Mark back when he worked at mobap. I worked there also, while I was going to school. This article…

Faith, Epistimology

Christian Faith differs from belief in that you can believe something true and be wrong. Faith, on the other hand, has to do with knowing (Faith is the Greek word Pistis), and for something to…


Social scientists adopt one of four main ontological approaches: realism (the idea that facts are out there just waiting to be discovered), empiricism (the idea that we can observe the world and evaluate those observations…

With a Word

She was lost, and the pain in her heart
Was far more than she could bear
Alone in the garden, it tore her apart
Till she heard Him speak her name

Then hope dawned, and night broke
And joy swelled…


Prone to doubting, Father of power
I lack the faith to trust Thy word
To take the step that means redemption
Accepting love, You as my Lord

Prone to fearing, Father almighty
I lack the courage I need today
To live…

Wild and Unfettered

I found myself hurtling, rushing through airno ropes, no safety netI was falling, a heady rush of oxygenwith no impact, and no painI found myself doubting, walking on waterno floaties, no life preserverI was standing,…

Anxious Hope

Wanting to move, I find myself seized with indecision
Having a desire to respond, yet holding back
I know not what my Lord wills in this situation
And time marches on, heedless

Deep wants, the secret dreams, held close…