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home – LOLCODE “HAI! This site provides community documentation of the emergent LOLCODE language. It is our hope that the examples can grow in a way that is both internally consistent and suggest a real,…

AJAX Bible Update

A few weeks back I made some updates the the Ajax Bible (beta), fixing the bug that would break the strongs concordance when a word had more than one number attatched to it. Yesterday, I…


Jacascript Tabs Fixes the tab behavior in textfields, so that the tab key doesn’t move you to the next form element, but creats 5 spaces instead.

Manipulexity and Whipituptitude

As Adam Turoff explained once, Perl has two subtle advantages: manipulexity and whipituptitude. It’s very important to be able to solve the problem at hand simply and easily without languages and tools and syntax getting…

Perl DBI 1.50 bug in Weaken Support Check

A friends Ikonboard failed recently with an error saying:Ikonboard has exited with the following error:Modification of a read-only value attemptedThe problem ended up being caused by a change in the module from 1.49 to…