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Meditations on Psalm 1

Psalm 1 has much to offer in the way of perspective on living, and how to be successful.  For the Christian, it distills the basic ethos of our philosophy, to know Him and by knowing…

On Fear and Identity

I’ve been a Christian since 1984, growing up in a loving home with two amazing parents. For as long as I could remember God was as real to me as the sun and the moon. That changed six years ago, when I went through a crisis of faith followed by a series of severe anxiety attacks. Those anxiety attacks taught me some valuable lessons and I wanted to take some time to talk about what happened, to explain some of what I learned about fear, about identity and purpose and how God intends for us to live in relationship with Him

On Faith

It isn’t enough to ask God to do a thing, like restore your soul or reframe your heart or desire, or to help you do a thing He has asked you to do. Part of…

The Inexplicable Act of God

I’ve had Grace on my mind. Its Jonathan’s fault really. He got me talking about Les Miserables, and that started me thinking about the rich imagery portrayed in the play, how Jean Valjean and Javier…

Who Are You Lord?

who are You Lord,to pursue me with Your love?who made the wind and the rain?who made the mountains danceand the very earth tremble.who are You Lord,to invest Yourself in me?I who merit naught but judgment?I…

Like Lore, I don’t like winter

but unlike Lore I adore Fall. By many lengths it is my favorite season, the crisp air and clear skies as the temperature drops and pulls the haze out of the sky and lets you…


Teen Christians campaign against pop culture – It has a good take.


104. Ballad for Gloom. Ezra Pound. Modern American Poetry “For God, our God is a gallant foe that playeth behind the veil. Whom God deigns not to overthrow hath need of triple mail.”

Quotes from Saint Patrick’s Confessions

I’ve been reading a couple books that look into Saint Patrick’s mission to Ireland and its affect on Europe. These books led me to lookup some of the few writings penned by Patrick himself. These…


Social scientists adopt one of four main ontological approaches: realism (the idea that facts are out there just waiting to be discovered), empiricism (the idea that we can observe the world and evaluate those observations…


Foreign Affairs – God’s Country? – Walter Russell Mead “Religion has always been a major force in U.S. politics, but the recent surge in the number and the power of evangelicals is recasting the country’s…


jonstl’s Xanga Site – The Song of the Strange Ascetic

With a Word

She was lost, and the pain in her heart
Was far more than she could bear
Alone in the garden, it tore her apart
Till she heard Him speak her name

Then hope dawned, and night broke
And joy swelled…


Like to Watch Insights into the dangers of “the World”


Prone to doubting, Father of power
I lack the faith to trust Thy word
To take the step that means redemption
Accepting love, You as my Lord

Prone to fearing, Father almighty
I lack the courage I need today
To live…

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