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The Mysterious Benedict Society,
The Mysterious Benedict Society: and the Perilous Journey,
The Mysterious Benedict Society: and the Prisoners Dilemma
– by Trenton Lee Stewart

An excellent series, appropriate for adults as well as…


David Schonauer’s Summer Reading List – PopPhoto – June 2006 “Photography is a matter of eyes, intuition, and intellect,”


Bed Books, the revolutionary way to print books for comfortable reading in bed. Its about time someone did this…


Complete list – 2005 [OCLC – OCLC Top 1000] the intellectual works that have been judged to be worth owning by the "purchase vote" of libraries around the globe.


The Little Men Who Love Little House – Why boys like girls books. By Emily Bazelon I read rather broadly when I was a kid, mostly because I would run out of books of my…

Thackery on Hatred and Consistency

In describing the character and motivations of one Mr. Osborne toward a certain Mr. Sedley:One of the great conditions of anger and hatred is, that you must tell and believe lies against the hated object,…

Thackery on Learning to Pray

Describing the not so venerable Mrs. Crawley:Picture to yourself, oh fair young reader, a worldly, selfish, graceless, thankless, religionless old woman, writhing in pain and fear, and without her wig. Picture her to yourself, and…

The Books I Read in 2005

Last Year, a couple people posted what they read the year before. The idea intrigued me, so I kept a list this year. This year saw a return for me to Science Fiction, and to…

Links for July 5th, 2005

US donations to Africa outstrip that of Europe by 15 to 1Apparently the Make Poverty History and Live 8 campaigns did not take into account the private giving of US citizens and corporations which amount…