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Dynamic Bible now lets you lookup multiple passages at once using the semi-colon to delimit the list of refs. For example, John 3:16; Romans 3:23 will now show both verses in the results pane. In…

AJAX Bible Update

A few weeks back I made some updates the the Ajax Bible (beta), fixing the bug that would break the strongs concordance when a word had more than one number attatched to it. Yesterday, I…


On the Joy’s of being misread There are lessons here to be learned and applied to the reading of scripture.


Shifting Ground in the Holy Land “If this corroborates exactly what is written in that part of the Bible, it means that probably other parts are historically correct. The impact is tremendous.”

5059 || King James Bible with Strong’s Numbers and Cross References (AJAX Enabled) [beta] I’ve made some updates. I moved things around so Strongs Definitions are easier to read, and I fixed the bug where…

Greek Bible at

Wycliff pointed this greek bible out to me. It looks really useful if you are a student of greek. It shows the meaning of each word in a javascript title tag and allows you to…

Modern Day Christian Persecution

Chinese get prison time for Bible delivery, says the Washington Times. All they did was hand out Bibles, and for that they get three years of prison. God bless them.

AJAX Bible App Update

I updated the Bible App. It now shows verse numbers. The Bible Parsing Javascript Object has also been updated. It will now accept references that are fully spelled out or abbreviated. You can enter just…

Client Side XML/AJAX Bible App Updated

I updated the Bible Lookup with Strongs. The Hebrew dictionary is now online, and the reference parsing is less brittle, but not a whole lot less brittle. Hey, anyone interested in codeing a Javascript 1.5…

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