Downtime Coming…

Hey all, the server that lives on is going to have maintenance done soon and there will be a few hours of downtime. see the note below:

There will be up to one hour downtime on May 11th between 8p-1a PST
in order for us to ensure that the host machine will reboot cleanly.

There will be up to two hours downtime on May 12th between 8p-1a PST.

I’m Sorry.

Oops. I was trying to get something working and accidently deleted everything in my DB folder. which means all the posts posted after Aug 8th are missing. *sigh* not all that bad considering i had only posted one post and i can get that from my google reader archive. but it also means i have to restore all the photos i posted last night… gah. so um. bummer. 

Comments Not Working

Because of the ludicrous amounts of comment spam I get, I think my filter has become so restrictive that commenting has become almost impossible. I apologize and will look into a solution a soon as i can. I the mean time, feel free to comment via email via jason at