Jason Wall
ph # (314) 827-5301
Washington, DC Metro Area


Currently Active:

  • C#, .NET (15 years)
  • MongoDB (3 years)
  • Sql Server (5 years)
  • Javascript (7 years)
  • Typescript (3 months)
  • jQuery (4 years)
  • Angular 2 (2 months)
  • Ionic 2 (2 months)

Currently Inactive:

  • Neo4j (1 year)
  • SharePoint 3.0 (3 months)
  • HTML/CSS (5 years)
  • Java (4 years)
  • PHP (3 years)
  • Perl (2 years)
  • VB (2 years)


VAE, Inc (5+ years, current)

Principal Software Architect responsible for managing a team developing products to assist the company with the deployment and management of network and IT infrastructure. Projects include winforms applications and a web appliance, all of which were built on th c#/.net platform.

I was the first developer at the company when I started.  The project team grew from myself to 20 people and achieved profitability after the second year. I personally spent most of my time working with C# doing back end and winforms programming. I wrote the first version of every application we produced (8 in total), wrote the first iteration of our mapping algorithms, created and managed the architecture of the growing products, guiding the creation of documentation, wrote requirements, did analysis, created and tuned the development processes for the team, interviewed and hired people as the team grew, and managed the overall schedule.  I spent some time coding my entire time on the project.  I did not spend much time working on the Web Appliance which used Knockout JS, Kendo UI on the front end, and an OData api on top of the Nancy web server for the API.

Highlights of the project included:

  • Building a custom ETL solution, designed to allow our more technical users to manage the import pipeline themselves. This meant building a UI to facilitate the extraction of text from raw text files, and to transform it into the structure needed by the application.
  • Building a custom templating language that implemented looping, simple variables, if statements, and IO redirection.  This was used by engineers during their work to do custom reporting.
  • Working with graph data and developing graph related algorithms and data structures.

This project exposed me to a wide variety of networking technologies and concepts. Though not a networking engineer, I am comfortable conceptually with much of L1-L3 in the OSI model.

Technologies: C#, .Net 4.0, Mono, Visio 2010, Office 2010,  Windows Forms, XML Serialization, Windows Services, SSH Libraries (Rebex) and the expect protocol, Javascript, jQuery, Neo4j (used then abandoned after deciding it did not meet our needs), NancyFX, MongoDB

Tasc, Inc  (12 Years)

TMS: 2 Years – Worked to enhance a legacy CMS app designed to manage targeting information for NGA. Built complex UI form that used JavaScript (jQuery), dynamic file uploads, and JSON web services to process shapefiles and xml. This project included the enhancement of a client server Java app to implement similar functionality, using a SOAP WS to interface with TMS web server.

Technologies: .Net 1.1, C#, Oracle, Java, JavaScript, jQuery.

SKB: 2 Years – Sole developer responsible for building a custom CMS called the Standards Knowledge Base (SKB) used to manage standards and metadata. The project involved meeting with customers to identify requirements, designing and developing using C# and .NET, IIS and SqlServer. This project made extensive use of AJAX, JSON objects, SOAP and REST services, as well as XHTML, CSS and DHTML actions built with JavaScript. The app had roughly 25+ web forms, and the C# development required custom controls and objects.

Technologies: .Net 1.1, C#, SqlServer, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, SOAP/REST

BCMS: 3 Years – Built custom CMS and development API using Perl, on UNIX and Apache. CMS was built from the ground up, managed its own users and application logic. This project included the design and development from scratch of a templating engine used extensively in other projects. BCMS was designed to allow rapid development of custom CMSs and was used to manage the front end of a large internal government data portal. It provided an IDE similar to that of .Net with its controls and code behind pages.

In addition to the work spent on BCMS, I designed and debugged the XHTML/CSS templates used by the entire web presence of a large government organization (over 300K +pages), designed to enable the organization to make minor changes to the web presence with a minimal amount of work.

Technologies: PERL, Apache, XHTML, CSS, Server Side Includes

Work History

  • VAE, Inc | April 2012 – Present
    • Principal Software Architect in charge of software development
  • TASC > Northrop Grumman Corporation IT // TASC > TASC | June 2000 – April 2012
    • Windows Application Developer (Worked on Achilles)
    • Web Application Developer (Worked on CAMPS, TMS, BCMS, SKB)
    • Database Administrator (built custom sql scripts, managed the server, maintained backups, supported developers, on Windows and Sybase, using T-SQL in a production environment for a little over a 3 years in 2000-2003)

Personal Projects

  • – I built and maintained Dynamic Bible for personal use.  I have redesigned it twice to take advantage of new technologies and am currently rewriting it in Angular2 and Ionic2 in order to become familiar with those technologies.


  • Missouri Baptist College (now Missouri Baptist University) |
    Graduated with Honors in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and a Business Administration Minor (3.6 GPA)
  • Christian Liberty Academy
    Graduated 1997 from the Satellite School Program (3.6 GPA)
    Chicago, IL
  • CDIA through Boston University |
    Graduated 2012 with a Professional Certification in Photography
  • DHS Control Systems Cyber Security Advanced Training – 2012

Other Interests and Affiliations

  • Photography – since 2000 with experience doing a variety of projects with an emphasis in event and documentary/storytelling.
  • Church Clerk/Deacon for Grace Baptist Church – 3 Years
  • Congregational Song Leader for Grace Baptist Church – 6 Years
  • HOA Vice President, 2 Years
  • Christian Fellowship Church, Board Member