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When a Female Cries

Its a sad day when a female cries
It breaks your heart and reddens your eyes
And all you want is to soothe the pain
To ease the hurt, remove the stain
Left by her precious tears

The Sentinel

Amid the dark night watches
And oer the lonely city
A sentinel keeps the vigil
Never forsaking duty

His gaze will never waver
Through the long dark night
Searching with all diligence
We should not suffer fright

Our sleep is slept untroubled
Our children…

The Seafarer

I stood beside the deep blue sea
and heard the errant sea gull cry
It was then my heart did sigh
and yearn for foreign lands afar

I watched as clouds hung over head
Crowding close to darkening sky
It was…

The Rising Sun

See the rising sun today
peaking oer yon horizon
I ran towards it eagerly
to say hello and greet him

All around me myst did lie
Above the trees did hover
Hiding many treasured things
Beneath the soft gray cover

Then the sun…

The Weekend

Say hello to this weeks end
A time to rest and breathe
When all the world heaves a sigh
And puts it self at ease

The night lights up in color
Bright in social flair
People go and celebrate
Out in the…

An Evening Lark

Outside my glistening window
While the evening darkens
I seek a peaceful slumber
And my glad soul hearkens
To the sounds of an evening lark

Kiss the Moon Gnight for Me

Kiss the moon gnight for me
And tell the stars farewell
I go to nether faerie lands
Beneath a gossamer veil

Kiss the moon gnight for me
And let the lilies linger
Lightly on the waters edge
Touched by a silver sliver


A Pretty Thing

Above the skies
In heavens land
Doth pixie dust alight?
The silver mist
Beneath thy wings
To match thy sparkling eyes?

If it twer so
Then I would fain
To stand upon this ground
And must needs find
An eagle swift
To bring thy golden crown

The Fallen

Forget not the fallen ones
Whose precious lives were lost
When liberties were threatened
And great would be the cost
That we would pay for freedom
On that sad September day

It gave us pause to wonder
How great would be the…

Dancing Melodies

Two melodies drifting on quiet airs
Gentle meanderings of kindred sound
At once quick and soft with dulcet beauty
The wanderings of things lost and things found

I sit quietly beneath the dancing notes
And wonder of many strange things…

The Little Things

It starts with a single decision or two
So small, just a little, only a few
You’ve tried so hard and think you have earned it
So you’ll indulge, thinking no one will notice

But such is the case…

The Winds of Autumn

The winds of autumn press upon the boughs of yonder tree
And all around me midst the yard lies fading greenery
Leaves fall from the laden branches, colors bright and fair
To lie and sleep whilst winter comes…


The choices we make
Are telling things
For in them we place
Our dearest dreams

The consequences
We can’t avoid
Yet God is faithful
To bring much joy

So make them wisely
With much prayer
For God is waiting
With gifts so rare

Ode to My Roomate

Few things are as rewarding
As a roommate who is affording
Of your habits and living conditions

He has the same tolerance
Of messy apartments
And does his fair share of the cleaning

He likes C. S. Lewis
And J. R. R.…

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