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Oh Autumn

Oh Autumn, sweet mistress of the rain
I feel thy gentle touch upon my face
The delicate brush of wind,
A lightly scented perfume
On the fog that lies like a blanket on the trees…

Cute Blonde Hostess

Noticing the cute blond hostess,
Shoulder length curls, feathered and deep
Wishing to know her name, as she passes by
Wearing black, confidently poised and sleek

Hopefulness in Design

Can I look pretty in pictures?
Will you look pretty in print?
Type and image are waiting here
In prepress with ink and glint

Written for

Sorrow Soothed

I saw the beaded pearl form
On her melancholy face
The drawn lines and trembling lip
Poised with aching grace

For a moment drawn with breath
She held her shaky pose
Emotion welling in her breast
Filled with grief and sorrows

I felt…

The Smile is My Muse

I wonder when I see a smile fading deep into your eyes,
What happenstance brings about that emotion, that response?
It is sometimes bright and sudden, sometimes soft and subtle,
But always rich in flavor, rich in texture…

Nostalgia Revisited

On a balmy summer evnin
I spent my time remembrin
The times I spent a wilin’
The midnight hours away

We’d speak until the mornin
With fancy words a tellin
‘Bout things we were a dreamin
Durin’ the course of day


The Artist Sees

The artist sees a world gone wrong
Yet feels the chance of glory strong
If all upon their bended knee
Would seek Him with humility

So the artist seeks to make
A piece of artistry to take
And offer for the…

Feather Soft Goodnight

Feather soft thy pillow make
To cradle tender till you wake
The gentle curve of thy sweet head
And rest ye peaceful on thy bed
And all thy dreams so gentle be
Until the dawn will waken thee

Thanks to Sarah…

Small Moments

In small moments I sit in my bedroom window
Thinking about how the world is so small
How in the matter of a single still moment
The choice that you make could alter it all

What if while praying…

Give the Moon My Love

Give the moon my love, dear heart
For daylight fades in yonder sea
The amber glow of evenings light
Speaks softly of my bed to me

and then revised by another as…

Daylight fades in yonder sea
The amber glow of…

Call of Stone

I saw a great white mountainIt stood still and forlornCast upon a lonely landA face in stolid formI went to see that mountainI thought it called to meA voice raw with emotionIt called with urgencyYou…


In the early morning sunrise
Glories seep across the sky
Brilliant burning raging color
Set alight the clouds so high

Slowly dawn makes known her presence
Light azure in lonely streaks
Branching out from lofty heaven
Chasing stars by mountain peaks

See the…

The Reason for a Card

Sometimes words won’t do.
My thoughts are all so jumbled,
And in my mind so tumbled,
About with disarray.
Oh what could I say?
So I chose instead to purchase,
A card with this one purpose,
To let you know its true,

Winsome Smile

Take a deep breath
And smile a winsome smile
For the moon whose silver light
Lets fall upon the sylvan world
Will watch with patient guard
With angels whose charge
Is given thee to keep
The winsome smile
Fresh upon your face

Anxious Hope

Wanting to move, I find myself seized with indecision
Having a desire to respond, yet holding back
I know not what my Lord wills in this situation
And time marches on, heedless

Deep wants, the secret dreams, held close…

Faere Roses

Sweet dreams and faerie roses
Bedeck thy bedroom window
Spreading sweet the fragrances
You smell upon your pillow
While you dream of fondest wishes
Beneath the night scape willow

Bind Them Close

Fireflies and whippoorwills
On summer nights of yesteryear
Bring to mind the thoughts so dear
Stored away in precious nooks
And kept in secret far from sight
Till in the evening late at night
With giggles and smiles and furtive looks

The Wonder of His Might

I felt the cold autumn breeze kiss my face last night
While pausing to consider the enormity of the evening sky
A great joy rose up then inside my beating heart
And in the midst of my joy…

Soft Light, Like Snowflakes

Soft light, like snowflakes
Falling through the air
Arriving on your window
Sees your sleeping there

Soft light, like snowflakes
Bid thee sleep in peace
Drifting on like sweet dreams
While all thy troubles cease

Praises for the Harvest

The song like breath it dances
It dances in the evening
Cross golden grain its waving
Deft fingers they are strumming
Strumming the harvest grain

The golden grain is waving
In the breeze it’s waiving
And workers lift their voices
Lift voices…