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Dine and Dash

the din was deafening
all clamour and clash
friends and conversation
a dizzying dine and dash
— 12/5/09 – 3


photons beaming,
the skyline gleaming
slow river flowing
past the silver arch

night sky brooding
frosted wind blowing
soft music playing
over the car stereo
— 12/4/09 – 2

Dogwood Blooming

dawn on a spring morningsky blue and nascent greendogwoods white with flowers blooming in white light clearly seen.


in the stillness a quiet rooma broken deep, a silent loomthe dulcet braid, the complex wavethe deafening empty pounding rave


I am cut to the quick, I am stricken,Undeserving of the mercy that You have givenHow can I make for my life a demandWhen all that I am is Yours to commandI grasp in my…

The March of the Grey Standard

1) Far to the east, with the glowing sun bathing A battleground strewn with many knights dying A battle is fought, with the morning sun rising Fought for fair Avalon, for the High Kings calling2) Great are the…

The Lark

Observe the lark, who flies from twig to branchHow he gaily lifts his head and wingObserve his twinkling eyes and hear his chirpHow he proudly lifts his voice to singSing sweet your song, O morning…

Deep Vibration

Sway to the rhythm of deep vibrationPulsating waves of palpable motionMove to the beat of a pounding drumThe resonant thrill of a strident thrumLoose yourself in an aching voiceFind yourself in the loss of choiceThe…


for what cause should we forsake
and willingly refuse to slake
our hunger and our thirst?
do we see the pain and urgent need
of those in bondage and would be freed
to start to walk with God?


I remember waking up, and in the morning hours
Walking to my mothers room, to see her still in bed
Her bible propped up on one knee, her head was bowed in prayer
Seeking God to start the…


On a mid winters eve
In a small country town
My thoughts drift and float
As my eyes fluttered down
And I listen while I sit
To the soft gentle sound
Of my fathers rich voice
While he’s reading out loud
From the…

The Sea

Undulating, with white capped teeth
Pulsing, it wraps around the world,
And rages at times above, though silent underneath

With swell and swagger it holds its sway
And moves the brave who plumb its depths
A friend, an enemy,…


Look East to the sunrise, into the nascent glowing
And westward the sunset, to anticipate the gloaming
Sunrise, sunset, the marking of the days
Time rides on a ball of fire and marches on its rays

The Proposal

Thus falls the evening dust
To sparkle in the starlight
Enchantment fills the very air
Bound up in every dendrite

Excitement racing through my flesh
An arcane type of passion
Deep within my soul…

Winter Dreams

The soft white winter approaches
And sings me a lullaby
The smooth sweet slumbering night
A deep and darkening sky
And dreams of future years to come
Remind of the years gone by
Changing seasons come to close
A new beginning drawing…

The Christ

(1) In the form of a man, a suffering lamb
was born on a Christmas day
(2) Wiser than scribes, He came to save lives
He’s the Truth, and the Life, and the Way

(3) We’d trespassed against, with…


Sun lit skies obscured by a dark and heavy vapor
As rain falls in slow and viscous descent
An uncommon emptiness hanging like a heavy fog
Fatigue washing over me without consent

The Greatest Story Ever Told, in Verse

Once was a world that was void
And dark were the waters therein
Then Majesty moved on the deep
And life in existence was spoken

With care and for glory He fashioned
Out of spirit, and body and soul
Like Him…

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