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New York, New York

new york, new york, oh city teaming
with life and lands and cultures dreaming
of new horizons opened wide
like lady liberty and the morning tide
— 2003 (possibly march)

Starlight, Smile Bright

starlight, smile bright
the girl i love is mine tonight
i wish i may, i wish i might
have her to hold til morning light
— 3/6/10 – 102

Barber Shop Theater

the room was filled with theater
the rise and rhythmic fall of voices
echoing words and wise opinions
on life’s vicissitudes and choices
— Barber Shop – 2/6/10 – 74 #favorite

Your Lithe Form

your lithe form is a panoply of pleasures
a cacophony that beats against my senses
i stand before you overwhelmed by the fury
that washes over and disarms my defenses
— 2/3/10 – 71 #favorite

A Million Mysteries

there are a million mysteries
that are hidden on the earth
what secrets will you uncover
to what ideas will you give birth
— 2/2/10 – 69

Falling Meter and Rhyme

fluid and grace express poetry in motion
while the musics dance to a rolling rhythm
and your voices rise to meet the emotion
expressed in the falling meter and rhyme
— 1/26/10 – 61 #favorite…

Whither Goest Thou Little Bird?

whither goest thou little bird?
for whom dost thou sing?
what love hast compelled thee
this melody to bring?
art thou sent by some lover
his beloved to woo?
by thy sweet serenade
his desire…

First Breath of Spring

the balmy touch of your wispy fingers
leaves the surface of my skin cold
but my heart beats warm for thought
of fog and a city shrouded and old

the first breath of spring…

The Call

in the mountains of the winter wind
where the white wolves run
and bit frost covers the rocky crag
you can hear the distant drum

its the call, my brother
calling for the brave…

This Absence Thine

forthwith i call to the mighty throne
reveal in me the spirit divine
for my heart emits a plaintive groan
and suffers from this absence thine
— 1/6/10 – 38

I Still Miss You

i still miss you.
memories held tightly
are a bit of a surprise.
i’m glad in a way,
the pain forms an impression
like the hollow of a mold.
the memory is better
than the…

In the Meadow by the Bay

what flies against the distant lee
in the meadow by the bay
who waits beyond the great oak tree
with hair like fire and eyes dark grey

smell the evening fresh like clover

Bubble and Squeak

rattle and clink, bubble and squeak
listen while the music plays
a jaunty jig with fiddle and stick

low dimmed lights, babble and sites
see the joyous public gather
to laugh and talk between…


my mind is blank, a hollow tomb
a space empty of the ideas of poetry
and whence comes the creative spark
which occupies and breathes so vibrantly

my empty soul yearns for its touch…


i’ve missed the normalcy of home
a place of no pretense or question
and as the cold rain falls outside
i sit content, empty of frustration
–12/24/09 – 24

Ode to Christmas

voices swelling
together dwelling
emotion singing
with devotion bringing
the chorus ringing
their praises giving

for what was done
that Christmas day
forever changed
the way we pray
–12/20/09 – 19


bounce, bound, bubble free
the effervescent frivolity
that rises up from a joyful soul
on Christmas day especially
— 12/16/09 – 15


the sluggish embrace of a long friend
wrapped in tones of dusk and eerie longing
pulls you deep into lands yet unexplored
veiled in mists of hope and dreaming
— Morpheus – 12/15/09 – 13

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