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How does one express,
the depth of mercy and the breadth
and width of His great love?

For I have descended
to such great heights
of proud and selfish gain.
And the weight of sin is
a dark and lonely pain.

Yet Christ above
on God’s right hand
intercedes for me…

Oh, unexplainable grace,
death on Calvary.
mine is an undeserved and wasted life
and yet I am redeemed. 

flee the oppressive warmth of yellow
hot and close, a room full of ichor
bright lights, harsh, glaring down
and ease into twilight.

close your eyes in the half light
a cool expanse, an oasis of calm
and feel the murmur of solitude
alone in a quiet room.

day suffers day, and emptiness
a pervasive feeling in the back of the soul
and frustration, crying out, but not completely,
to proud to let go of ruined things familiar

self suffers self, and resignation
a comfortable pain that is perversely loved
defying logic to pour energy into an object long dead
to vain to give up hopes of a selfish triumph

love suffers love, and endless hoping
a faithful prompting in the depths of the heart
telling you to let go of sins long held private
to kind to cease from calling you home 

She was lost, and the pain in her heart
Was far more than she could bear
Alone in the garden, it tore her apart
Till she heard Him speak her name

   Then hope dawned, and night broke
   And joy swelled in her soul
   She saw her Saviour standing there
   With a word He made her whole

I was scared, with no hope of salvation
Crying out in guilt and shame
So deep was the depth of dejection
Till I heard Him speak my name

   Then hope dawned, and night broke
   And joy swelled in my soul
   I saw my Saviour standing there
   With a word He made me whole

I am saved, and have joy and sweet succor
Beside me throughout each day
I take courage and know His good pleasure
When I hear Him speak my name

   When hope dawns, and night breaks
   And joy swells in my soul
   I see my Saviour standing there
   With a word He makes me whole 

Prone to doubting, Father of power
I lack the faith to trust Thy word
To take the step that means redemption
Accepting love, You as my Lord

Prone to fearing, Father almighty
I lack the courage I need today
To live the life Your love demands me
Love expressing, Thy will, Thy way

Prone to stumbling, Father of mercy
I lack humility to take your love
To accept forgiveness, all my sinning
Thy love astounding, covering all

Dublin town, bold and brash
Old and new, aging and young
Dublin town, with ancient roots
Those far from home, who never left

I found myself hurtling, rushing through air
no ropes, no safety net
I was falling, a heady rush of oxygen
with no impact, and no pain

I found myself doubting, walking on water
no floaties, no life preserver
I was standing, staring deep into love
without sinking, and no fear

I found myself walking, surrounded by life
no certainties, no sure answers
I was living, trusting the words spoken
without failing, and no doubt

Note: Inspired by Aelki’s We serve a Wild and Unfettered God

Birthday wishes and birthday fun
Friends and family and time to run
And play all day till mommy makes
Your birthday food and birthday cakes

I see a scene of fall season color
It glows with a vibrant green and amber
The scene awakes within a beating breast
The glorious beauty of Autumn’s best

What is this living light I see
That shines so brightly within me
It is the one who has through strife
The risen Day Star given life

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