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your voice warms me
with its lingering joy
like a warm wine
or heady potion
and it leaves me
happier than i was
the day before we met
— 2/28/10 – 96 #ruth

the cold cast of moonlight
fell on the frozen ground
bright light and pale shadow
in stark and bitter relief
— 2/24/10 – 92

taciturn eyes look across windswept plains
as pale light falls on jagged hill and steppe
the last rays of a setting sun sink deep
into warm earth and leathered skin
— 2/23/10 – 91 – Mongol

you twine sluggishly round the landscape
a muddy brown wash among the fertile land
untamed and mighty among your brethren
you assert dominance and lethargy out of hand
— 2/22/10 – 90 – The Big Muddy

you transcribe a graceful arc
with your wild colors and lazy form
your speed and intensity is belied
by the gentle curve of your board
— 2/19/10 – 87

the drizzle of rain was heard
outside my bedroom window
soft water falling softly on the world
heralding life and spring to follow
— 2/21/10 – 89

a pale sky looms above your head
cold winds blow against your face
the silence of dreams echo loudly
and doubt beats against your will
yet you stand with your feet set
and defiant you gaze into the deep
to win or die, you set your jaw
and give no ground to your fear
— 2/20/10 – 88

the sun is shining and the air is wet,
and the trees are awash in red and gold.
birds are signing their autumn song,
and the day stands frozen in time.

pause, listen to the quiet creep
over the still and silent city streets
hear the heavy hush fall
on a worn and weary populace
— 2/18/10 – 86

bittersweet the long goodbye
the languid fare thee well
hold on tight to fading love
and let its beauty swell
till love is lost and gone forever
from your hearts empty shell
— 2/17/10 – 85

soft sunset light falling golden, a tree lined horizon dappled in colors pink, red and orange, till fading the sun falls beneath the distant curve of the earth and all is cloaked in gloaming.

your form is so supple
it moves with a languid grace
an arch, a spire, a cathedral
in the spaces of my imagination
and as it rises and falls
with the gently pulsing rhythm
and falling grace notes
paint the sky a vibrant orange
my heart swells deep
till peace and joy mingle
in the exultant ecstasy
— 2/15/10 – Allelujah – 83

you manifest gently
a persistent evidence
in the character of life
a pervading presence
in the fabric of this
existential existence
— 2/14/10 – 82

your slender form
expresses excitement
joy and laughter
to match your spirit
in all its gay adventure
— 2/13/10 – 81 #ruth

convivial gaiety
and warm mirth
pervade the room
as soft and pleasing
as the gentle glow
of twinkle lights
— 2/12/10 – 80

mystery is absent
myth has lost itself
imagination clamors
and has lost its wealth
all seems dim and faded
till the sun drops neath the earth
and all is bleak and blackness
over all that is of worth
— 2/11/10 – 79

soft breath sighing
and a heavy soul
breathe a deep breath
and feel the cold
— 2/10/10 – 78

what is this blood, why does it weep?
cold tears falling on a hard ground
and grief echoing the hollow sound
til life forms from a shed tear
and weeping drains your crushing fear
and transformation makes all things new
— Communion – 2/7/10 – 75 #favorite

ah winter, my dear sullen mistress
with your gray moods and windy days
will you not look kindly on my face
and listen softly of thy grace
till all is well and you displace
with love, if not warmth,
the displeasure that you feel
towards me?
— 2/4/10 – 72 #favorite

your dark corridors are pregnant with silence
footsteps sounding, echoing in your chambers
foreigners and transients shuffling soundlessly
a staggered measure of humanities members
— 2/2/10 – 70 #favorite

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