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how do i resolve
the creeping tension,
the knot of pain,
the sweet agony
residing in my heart?
i can feel its emotion
welling in my throat
the fear and hope
and beginning throes
of love
— 3/20/10 – 117

your golden brilliance
floods the sky with light
a cacophony of photonic hues
and the warmth that they convey
is a balm to the aching soul
that yearns for spring
— 3/18/10 – 115

heartbeats and breathing
with ears ringing in the quiet
a soul searching the deep
for a morsel of meaning
till some beauty is found
and the heart becomes calm
while you drift into dreaming
— 3/16/17 – 111 #favorite

feel the beat,
rapid, insistent
your heart pounding
as you run

feel the burn,
heady and rich
of consuming oxygen
inside your lungs
— 3/13/10 – 109

why the disquiet soul my brother,
what is the source of your sullen unease?
why do you yearn and groan my brother,
what will bring you comfort and peace?
— 3/12/10 – 108

i would lose myself in your gothic spires
in the mystery of your towering awe
down to the foundations laid in stone
that delve and dwell deep in the darkness
that is not dark but rich as dark soil
from whom all the fullness of glory is
and springs forth in days ordained
— 3/11/10 – 107 #favorite

your lips are apple sweet,
rich and red and curved
your locks like golden strands,
catch the sun at midday
and your smile is a vision
to produce rapture in the soul
of all who can’t help but love you
— Lux – 3/10/10 – 106

your words cut deep
into the living soul
til the heart is rent
and the truth is full
— 3/9/10 – 105

it had me in its thrall
enraptured with the rhythm
the pulse of music deep inside
was an agony so sweet
i could never let it go
— 3/8/10 – 104

the heavy blanket of somnolence
fell upon me with the warmth of an old friend
and in its comforting embrace
i lost myself in oblivion.
— 3/7/10 – 103

i took a star from heaven
i plucked it from it’s celestial field
and carried it in my pocket
from land to foreign land
til i found a shining angel
worthy of its gleaming light
then i took her to my home
and at my hearth she shone
and wandered i the earth no more
— 3/5/10 – 101

i would spirit away the hours
and spend my time with nary a thought
to cost or consequence.
we would speak of common things
and i would not trade it
for all the uncommon
the world would offer.
— 3/3/10 – 99 #ruth

its a golden hour, a flitting flower
and it blooms in the morning light
then takes off on a merry flight
til landing softly on the heather
it makes a song of the fine fine weather
and laughs for joy and merry fun
and lifts its head to see the sun
— 3/2/10 – 98 #favorite

its piercing, this silent sound
this empty ringing left behind
by the absence of bustle from a busy day.
it is the echo of life, a cherished hollow
a form made of the memories
not to be lingered on for long
lest the life that made them fade
and you forget their purpose.
— 3/1/10 – 97 #favorite

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