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your dark rumblings proclaim strength and power
as you pour out your jubilant furies
on the dry and thirsty populace
— 4/7/10 – 138

wist and fitful longing flourish
in the hearts of isolated lovers
for the long and lonely distance
borne by fate and fickle purpose
— 4/6/10 – 137 #favorite

the comfort of home
was a strange absence
felt and wished for quietly
knowing there were miles and miles
till my feet found rest
— 4/5/10 – 136

the comfort of home
was a strange absence
felt and wished for quietly
knowing there were many miles
till my feet found rest
— 4/5/10 – 136

the rush and press of kind strangers
fill the hours with questions, and practiced replies.
getting to know the world in which you live
and all its inhabitants is a pleasure
i would not let pass me by
— 4/4/10 – 135

i missed your love
its sweet surcease
and the richness
of its healing grace
— Abba – 4/2/10 – 133

the warmth of your touch
is a thrill to set my heart beating
the feel of your fingertips
is a world to encapsulate
my hopes and dreams
— 4/1/10 – 132 #poetry #love

potential paths reveal themselves
glittering in the summer sun
converging prospects to be taken
or denied till at last a culmination
and just one path before you lies
— 3/31/10 – 130 #poetry

my heart beats a palpable breath
a sinking drop, an oxygen starved gasp
for air, the pressure a sweet agony
of tightness expanding in the
effusive cavity of the soul
— 3/31/10 – 131 #favorite

it was innervating
the rush, the blood pumping
a mind sharp and focused
you don’t feel the pain
just the heat radiating
off your chest
— 3/26/10 – 125

animate ideas
living, breathing, pulsing
charged and causing change
dynamic particles cascading
into people and places
— 3/25/10 – 124

beneath a stretching violet sky
the setting sun brings evening nigh
the clouds burnt orange in crimson fashion
set fire the heavens and the passion
inside me as i awestruck behold
the flaming majesty pictured bold
and humbled i fall on my knees
so still and silent neath the trees
for words cannot express the glory
that i see in this evenings story
— 4/1/2003

how do i resolve
the creeping tension,
the knot of pain,
the sweet agony
residing in my heart?
i can feel its emotion
welling in my throat
the fear and hope
and beginning throes
of love
— 3/20/10 – 117

your golden brilliance
floods the sky with light
a cacophony of photonic hues
and the warmth that they convey
is a balm to the aching soul
that yearns for spring
— 3/18/10 – 115

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