Speaking Alters Your Perceptions


Telling someone something, in some way alters the nature of the thing being told. This is especially true of personal hopes and dreams.

Partially, the telling alters the fact by the way the person responds to the hearing. Hopes and dreams, like the smallest of particles, cannot be viewed without the viewing affecting them. You can only manage the change.


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I have been writing on the web since 2000. I am a christian , a photographer, an occasional poet, a recovering dreamer, an occasional philosopher, a software developer, an autodidact, and i resemble the INFP personality type.


  1. That is very true! One of the reasons I only tell the ones I need to have burst for me. I keep the others in the treasure box in my mind and take them out to look at every now and then.

  2. I have many friends..

    Some care, some don’t. You learn the difference and only tell those who care.

    It makes a big difference.. ^_^

  3. munchkin: Even telling those who care alters your perception of certain things. This isn’t always true, and I suspect that the phenomenon varies from person to person, but certain ambitions, ideas, hopes and dreams and thoughts change when spoken aloud, and change when spoken to someone else.