Michigan, The Pendragon Project, and some New Friends


I was up in Michigan this past weekend helping with the Pendgragon Movie. I’d like to say more, and I may update this post later, but I wanted to refer you to Peter Serven’s post on the trip, replete with photos. I’ve been given permission to release some of the photographs I have taken on the two shoots I’ve been on, and hope to start doing that in the next few days. Til then, Peter’s site will need to do. 


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  1. I can’t wait to see which you choose to put on there. They all were so much fun to look at. I would love to see your’s from this trip to see what was done, esp the make-up job on Chad. ;-)

  2. Hey Jason,

    It was good to get to know you over last week end. I sure enjoyed talking to you but more importantly using your expensive lenses… :)

  3. Hey Peter! Enjoyed getting to know you too. We need to get together soon (when the weather gets just a bit warmer) and use my expensive lenses again. ;)