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"In other words, when confronted with a culture hostile to the biblical understanding of the good and the true, biblically orthodox Southern Baptists spoke reflexively from intuitions rooted in a biblically informed worldview and joined with those who thought similarly. They just didn’t know what else to say."


"…we must remember that Southern Baptist intuitionism relied on a theology of revelational authority and personal regeneration. This is why even the weakest of churches had members who could recognize the heresies of white supremacy and sexual libertarianism. They had a foundation of biblical content that warned them against such things. This is endangered by a growing tendency among Evangelicals, including Southern Baptists, to disconnect the pulpit and educational ministries of churches from strong biblical content."


"This is precisely why the SBC conservative resurgence was a happy occurrence for cultural renewal and Evangelical engagement: It reasserted the gospel with clarity and conviction. With this the case, the hope for the Southern Baptist future is not a “Southern Baptist political philosophy,” but a battalion of church members who know the gospel, know the culture, and know the difference between the two."

A fine article. 


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