Manipulexity and Whipituptitude


As Adam Turoff explained once, Perl has two subtle advantages: manipulexity and whipituptitude. It’s very important to be able to solve the problem at hand simply and easily without languages and tools and syntax getting in your way. That’s whipituptitude. Manipulexity is the ability to use simple tools and build a sufficiently complex solution to a complex problem.

What is Perl 6? by chromatic 


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  1. Matthew Clements on

    Have you put forth a solid effort with the Kesselrings to take over the world yet?

    I await my benevolent dictator… [insert cheesy emoticon here]

  2. shhhhhh, we are still involved in negotiations with “The Company” (Wal-Mart) to accomplish that task. But you didn’t hear it from me.

  3. The software to power the takeover is almost finished but don’t tell the Kesselrings. We don’t want to tip our hand before we are ready.