The Christ


(1) In the form of a man, a suffering lamb
       was born on a Christmas day
(2) Wiser than scribes, He came to save lives
       He’s the Truth, and the Life, and the Way

(3) We’d trespassed against, with grevious offence
       the Law that the Father had given
(4) Yet God’s love was deep, and it caused Him to weep
       and to cry as the iron was driven

(5) Could it be complete? This humbling feat
       displayed on a skull ridden rock?
(6) Surounded by death, men of murder and theft
       died a scion of King David’s stock

(7) Three days in His grave, He lay in a cave
       an act of God’s grace to occur
(8) Soldiers were sent, His theft to prevent
       by Pilot the clean governor

(9) In the garden at dawn, the women had come
       with the spices that they had prepared
(10) But He was not there, and the guards weren’t aware
       when two angels before them appeared

(11) The Christ is not dead, He’s alive as He said
       two angels proclaimed to the world
(12) A new time has come, death is undone
       and His banner will soon be unfurle 


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I have been writing on the web since 2000. I am a christian , a photographer, an occasional poet, a recovering dreamer, an occasional philosopher, a software developer, an autodidact, and i resemble the INFP personality type.

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