Healthy, Wealthy and Wise


There’s a saying that, "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." The sentiment is found in proverbs. There probably is something to it. I’ve been late to bed and late to rise and very busy last several months, and now I’m sick. I wonder if its a portent of things to come?

Been reading C. S. Lewis of late. Decided to finally finish the space trilogy, and so I read "That Hideous Strength". Lovely book. I had not really understood the level of Lewis’ distaste for modern feminism, and after reading "The Dark Tower" and the short stories contained in that volume, I am somewhat wiser to his sharper wit. He writes with more vim and vigor when speaking to adult audiences about societel issues. Does a body good to hear such truths so outspoken in such times as these.

Whew, would you get ahold of the verbage in that paragraph? Comes from having a foggy head. ;) Christmas is coming. Am I the only one who is having a hard time wrapping himself up in a festive spirit? I think I lost something… somewhere… 


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  1. I’ve been reading C.S. Lewis also: the Screwtape Letters. Its a quick read, but quite good.

  2. actually I’m having trouble too. I think it will start kicking in when I finally start vacation from work. Kind of hard to maintain a holiday spirit when you fighting off hackers with one hand and dealing with ID10T errors from your users on the other.