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In an effort to encourage the coding of a bible reference object (see previous post on my bible app), I though I would post some specifications in a clearer format than I had previously, along with some example inputs and outputs. Feel free to comment in the comments section, and if you build one, let me know, I would be more than happy to host it here with proper attribution of course. If we used a GPL type system, the library could become very robust. Thanks!

Bible Parsing Object Definition:

Input: String
Output: Object with attributes (book, bookname, chapter, startverse, endverse, [error])


Reference: "Matthew"
Returns: error="Invalid Reference. Please include a chapter and/or verse range"

Reference: "Matthew 1"
Returns: book=’matthew’, bookname=’40’, chapter=’1′, startverse=’1′, endverse=’25’

Reference: "Matthew 1:1"
Returns: book=’matthew’, bookname=’40’, chapter=’1′, startverse=’1′, endverse=’1′

Reference: "Matthew 1:1-5"
Returns: book=’matthew’, bookname=’40’, chapter=’1′, startverse=’1′, endverse=’5′

Common Abbreviations should work, but the book should always return the full name.

Example Object:

function Reference(bibleRef) {

var book;
var bookname;
var chapter;
var startverse;
var endverse;

// A lot of parsing and stuff happend here. ;);



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