Photoshop Blogging Plugin


Isn’t it about time some smart photoshop/programmer/photoblogger used the Photoshop SDK to build a Blog This! plugin that used the Atom API (or any number of the other blogging APIs). That way I could post photos straight from photoshop. And if the plugin would let you opt to have the Title, Description and other stuff pulled straight from the EXIF metadata, all the better. Heck, I would pay for something like that. Oh, and one more thing, if the plugin would also, when it grabbed stuff from metadata, allow me to specify a post date, that would be like icing on the cake. I could automatically post using the batch function! Ok lazyweb, do your stuff! 


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  1. On that same note…

    Someone needs to make a perl script that takes a web directory, (e.g. and spits out a directory listing like apache does when there’s no index/default file. Only this script would do it even if an index file is present. I would use it all the time.