The “your name needs” Meme


The thing to do is google "Your Name needs" and see what google thinks you should add to your life. Here is what google told me:

  • Jason needs a Pismo
  • Jason needs your micro-cash
  • Jason needs to SHUT UP
  • Jason needs your help
  • Jason needs to diet because he has become too fat
  • Jason needs a helper for Brooklyn Distro Route
  • Jason needs to eat according to a controlled carbohydrate meal plan
  • Jason needs a new job
  • Jason needs to work on his manner
  • Jason needs to modulate his voice
  • Jason needs to put on his shirt, overalls, shoes and socks
  • Jason needs a real woman
  • Jason needs to do a better job of getting quicker to the rim
  • Jason needs to get together with the Comcast billing department
  • Jason needs to remain in therapy
  • Jason needs to organize himself
  • Jason needs to improve his academic and self- advocacy skills



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  1. pehaps if you would put on your shirt, overalls, shoes, and socks, you’d be able to find a real woman … :)