I’ve been sick for the past few days, and though its not really a good excuse, I’m going to beg your leave for not posting like I should. Being sick does wierd things to me. It makes me listless and a little selfish. Of course, thats not really weird as most people probably feel that way. Here’s the weird part. Fatigue makes me feel romantic. yup… the tireder I get the more poetic and amorous I get. You can imagine the consternation I feel at times like these. All this romantic energy all pent up and no place to go.

Being sick of course makes it worse… because not only am I tired, but I’ve almost got a legitimate reason to feel sorry for myself. I know. I don’t whine, and I generally treat colds like these as the nuisance they are, but still, you start mixing selfish little emotions like self pity and romantic moods and that spells disaster. Makes pretty decent poetry though…


Now, before you start commenting and pouring out the pity, I should let you know that I’m fine. Really. I know. You’re thinking, "Pity? What’s he talking about." Honestly, I’m ok. Just a little cold. No need to make me feel better. I’ll be just fine… all by myself… alone… no one to pamper me… *sigh*


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  1. "you start mixing selfish little emotions like self pity and romantic moods…"

    Hmm, so romantic moods are little selfish emotions?